Stefano Pacifico

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✋ I'm Stefano Pacifico, an entrepreneur and applied researcher in Artificial Intelligence. My interests include how machines acquire and use knowledge, in particular for curing diseases; using technology to create value (entrepreneurship), and how to use technology to help others (social good).

One of my children is affected by an ultra-rare cancer, Malignant Ectomesenchymoma, closely related to Rhabdomyosarcoma. If you have an interest in accelerating pediatric oncology therapies get in touch.

I am co-founder of Epistemic AI, the research intelligence platform for the life sciences. I also serve as a Trustee to one of the best local libraries in the United States.

Previously, I worked on Natural Language Understanding at Elemental Cognition (a spin-off of Bridgewater Associates), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) + Knowledge Engineering at Bloomberg L.P.; I was also one of the authors of the BDE Libraries and the creator of the CAIM - City AI Meetup and New York Knowledge Engineering Meetup.